Large development could be coming to Ashland and Barry

Planning is underway for a large development at Barry and Ashland, where the former PetCo and parking lot sit now. An Xfinity store would be included in the retail portion. What do you think?


  1. While this development removes from the streetscape an ugly vacant lot and non-descript retail, it adds curb cuts on Barry & Ashland. I'm not a fan: why can't the occupants use the alley like everyone else?

  2. The alley is shared with a grade school. I think it's a horrible idea to add congestion to an area that is full of small children who are still learning how to obey basic traffic laws. As it is, the intersection is already dangerous enough for pedestrians.

  3. This is 0.4 miles walking to the Brown Line and on the both the Belmont bus and the Ashland bus- which if ever upgraded would have a BRT station right there. This "more parking than apartments" development is awful. The same thing was let slide at the whole foods up the block. It's unacceptable and counter-intuitive towards the city's long term goals concerning TOD.


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