Thursday, January 4, 2018

3300 N. Clark Transit Oriented Development Proposal

Another TOD development is in the discussion stage for Lakeview at 3300 N. Clark St.  This location is currently home to a parking lot and the Lakeview Learning Center, which would be demolished if this development is approved. According to Curbed Chicago,
"As proposed, the nine-story structure would reach 108 feet to the top of its architectural parapet. An earlier version of the project shared with the local Hawthorne Neighbors group topped out at 127 feet but was ultimately shortened and redesigned with a facade calling for more brick and less glass. To minimize traffic disruptions on Clark, the development would place its residential lobby on School Street and garage access off of its rear alleyway. The 3300 N. Clark project would feature its required affordable units on-site. The plan will require City approval to move forward."
Additional information can be found on Tom Tunney's Website

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  1. Isn't this location on which would be demolished as part of the flyover?


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