Monday, July 25, 2016

Construction has started at Ella Elli - 4-Star Restaurant Group's latest Southport Corridor restaurant

As you recall, 4-Star Restaurant Group, owners of Crosby's Kitchen are opening a new restaurant in the former Wrigleyville Dental space called Ella Elli.  Construction has now started in the building behind Crosby's Kitchen, and 4-Star is looking to open an adult restaurant and full bar with French and Italian cuisine in early 2017.

Ella Elli has started construction in the Southport Corridor of Chicago

From our earlier blog post:

4-Star Restaurant Group, parent company of Crosby's KitchenSmoke DaddyFrasca's Pizzeria and D.O.C. Wine Bar (and others) is expanding in Chicago's Southport Corridor, and here is the latest update:
More information can be found here from DNA Info Chicago.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lakeview's Taco Fest 2016 Details!

Ready for Taco Fest for 2016?  Here are the event details!

Date:  Saturday & Sunday, September 17-18
Time:  11am to 10pm Daily
Location: On Southport between Addison & Roscoe in Chicago
Beneficiary: Lakeview Chamber of Commerce

Chicago's hottest new festival is back for its fourth year. The glorious taco will again get the spotlight it has long deserved when the tortilla-wrapped fave is celebrated at this food and music festival that also kicks off the first official weekend of autumn.

Whether one prefers theirs with a hard or soft shell and filled with a meat, chicken, guacamole, fish or other imaginative ingredients, this September happening in the bustling Southport Corridor is a mega-hot addition to the Windy City's food fest scene.

There will also be special beer and taco pairings, crowd-pleasing Mexican wrestlers, and visitors will be able to text vote for Chicago's "Best Taco."

$7 suggested donation benefits the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce.

Photos from previous Taco Fests:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Information on the Southport Corridor's upcoming Capital One Cafe

As you recall, Capital One Cafe with Peet's Coffee is coming to 3435 N. Southport in the current Indira space (Indira will be moving shortly to 3337 N. Southport shortly). We have some additional information on exactly what this space will offer for our community.

  • Capital One Cafe with Peet's Coffee will be taking both floors of the building. 
  • The goal is to have the Cafe up and running in fall 2017. 
  • Food will be provided by Chicago's local Delightful Pastries
  • The look and feel of the space will blend in with the local street and neighborhood. Our neighborhood is similar to Boston's Harvard Square location, which won a historical preservation award. 
  • Capital One's goal is to provide a commitment to the neighborhood. This includes volunteer work, provide work space for folks to come in and study, work, use the free high-speed Wi-Fi, have coffee - much how folks use our local Starbuck's with their laptops, conduct meetings, sit and have coffee, etc.
  • There will be two community rooms that any non-profit or educational groups can use free of charge. You will be able to book a meeting room via the web. This could be a good space for neighborhood groups to use.
  • There will be semi-private nooks for folks to use for meetings, study groups or other concepts that fulfill your purpose.
  • Capital One does not want to appear that they are coming in as a bank, but more like a community center that can offer banking opportunities if you desire. The customer will drive the interaction with Capital One employees if wanted. 
  • An additional write-up can be read here from The Chicago Tribune. 

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