Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yep - the Tribune Agrees - Lakeview is rising in Muggings...

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What should replace Hye Bar?

Here's the listing for the existing space.  What would you like to see join this area?

Support Therieau Art & Frame!

Now that Bell Studio has been torn down, Therieau Art & Frame (the former Bell Studio) has moved to 3831 N. Lincoln Ave.  Please support them!  Website is http://therieauartandframe.com/.

Blue Bayou Construction taking longer than anticipated...

Email from one of our fans from a response from Blue Bayou:  "It is taking linger then expected or liked. We are trying to add another building to the loan and this week we look to secure financing. With construction time estimated (already done and drawn up) at a max of 5 weeks it should be re-open in a few months

UPDATE Spring 2014: Closed for good.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jeni's Southport Opening in Early September, 2013

Looking forward to it???

Jeni's Southport
Jeni's Southport

Forgotten Southport - What was this?

More Graffiti Found Along Southport...

OK, we get it, there is a lot more crime out there then just some graffiti in the area, but we took a small walk today and here is just a few things we found north of Addison:

1.  Dairy Queen - north side marked up

2.  CVS - Garbage Can in front of entrance had been marked up

3.  Dumpster behind Julius Meinl - loaded

What do you see out there??  Help be our eyes and post any photos you see on our Facebook wall.

You can report this directly to the city here:  http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/streets/provdrs/graffiti_blasters/svcs/mayor_daley_s_graffitiblasters.html

Article from CHI.STRETSBLOG.org on Southport's People Spot...

Alderman Tunney: A People Spot Is More Valuable Than Parking Spots.  Read the entire article here!

"32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, usually a progressive on transportation issues, recently made some backward comments about city initiatives that convert car parking spaces into facilities like Divvy stations, bike parking corrals and People Spot seating areas. Waguespack fretted about the impact these conversions would have on local businesses, but it’s clear that these innovative uses can be more effective ways to draw visitors to retail strips than simply warehousing cars on the public way. Even after I staked out a bike-share station in his ward and found that 12 customers used it during a two-hour period, while there was zero turnover at two adjacent car spaces, the alderman still wasn’t convinced.
44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney seems to have a much better understanding that it’s much more important to bring people to business districts than to accommodate cars. Tunney did honor a request from Manuel Tenorio, owner of the two Johnny Sprockets bicycles stores, to put the kibosh on a proposed Divvy stationnear his shop at Broadway and Wellington in Lakeview. However when I recently interviewed the alderman at the ribbon cutting for a station at Wrigley Field, shortly before another ribbon cutting down the street for the a People Spot at Southport and Addison, he explained his reasoning for that decision and expressed support for swapping car spots for more productive uses."

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Crosby's Kitchen Donating 10% of their sales today to the School Street Park Advisory!

We love Crosby's Kitchen! Today they will be donating 10% of their sales to the School Street Park Advisory Council, so have a great meal and support the playlot!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

#LoveWhereYouLive #SouthportCorridor #Lululemon

#SouthportCorridor #Instagram - Enjoy Summer While You Can!

Winter will be here before you know it!

Southport Corridor Chicago Winter

Reminder: Starbucks Grand Opening Today from 4-6 PM!

Condo Development Started at 3222 N. Southport Ave.

From Chicago Development NewsThe city of Chicago issued a new construction building permit on Aug. 14 for a project at 3222 N. Southport Ave. The estimated cost of the building is $650,000.
The project description is to “Erect a new a three-story 3b masonry six-D.U.t apartment building with basement, roof deck and detached six-car private garage with roof deck and with a one-car private carport.”
The property owner is Fletch Development, 5120 Central Ave., Western Springs, Ill. The property sits near the corner of Melrose Street and Southport Avenue.
The average price for homes sold in the area recently was $390,000 according to Trulia.
General Contractor: Fletch Development Inc.
Architect: Anthony J. Iuro
Electrical Contractor: T & M Electrical
Masonry Contractor: Dulleavy & Sons Concrete
Masonry Contractor: Nieroda Construction Inc.
Plumbing Contractor: Emerald Isle Construction
Refrigeration Contractor: RMB Heating & Cooling
Ventilation Contractor: RMB Heating & Cooling
Expeditor: GC Consulting LLC

Frida's: Officially Closed

We heard from the owners - rent was too high and they abruptly closed.  Will you miss Frida's on Southport?

For Lease: 3434 N. Southport Ave.

What would you like to see replace Standard Bank?  Click past the break to see the space.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3446 N. Southport Avenue "For Lease" Flyer.

We know that Hot Mama will be going directly in the building to the south.  This flyer represents what is currently Anthony's Italian Ice and Nail Bar.  What would you like to see go in here?  Click past the jump for the floor plan and statistical information and area map on Southport.  Interesting!

Did Frida's Close Down? UPDATE: It closed last week :*(

All boarded up and no answer when called.  Anyone know the scoop?  Here's a picture of it from "back in the day".

Que Syrah Fine Wines Moving to 3714 N. Southport Ave., including a Wine Bar!

Que Syrah is taking new space above Stella Blue, according to Lake View Patch.   They are hoping to also add a wine bar in the future!

Here is the listing of their current space.

Southport's Former Bell Studio Already Starting to be Demolished!

From last week's post, the former Bell Studio at 3428 N. Southport Ave. is being demolished to make way for a new national upscale retailer.  

What would you like to see in this space?

Grand Opening Celebration for Southport's New Starbucks!

Socialize With Us on the #SouthportCorridor!

Crosby's Kitchen Expanding

Southport's Crosby's Kitchen is looking to expand throughout the area.  Congratulations!  Where would you like to see them land?

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