Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Have you seen the Lakeview Master Plan? Is it time for the proposed CVS extreme makeover?

The Lakeview Master Plan was created in 2011, and out of it we have been lucky enough to get great things like the Low Line Market, People Spots and the upcoming Lincoln/Southport and Wellington corner improvements (just to name a few). CVS was specifically listed as a candidate for a makeover (and every time it rains, the roof leaks and there are buckets all over the store to collect the water, so something has to get fixed).

What are your thoughts?  Is it time for a CVS extreme makeover?

See the full PDF plan from the Lakeview Chamber here.

Southport CVS - After


  1. Yes, please! Happy to have a CVS so close in the neighborhood, but a remodel to improve the look would help the whole street..

  2. This is wonderful......association should organize a CVS letter writing campaign to request it.

  3. Serious, no mention of the need for a dog park???? WE NEED A DOG PARK!!!!


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